YouTubers Ranked By Their Wave

The most important judge of character there is

  1. 1

    WORST: Alfie Deyes

    It's a double-hand raise but not wave. There's not even any wrist movement. 0/10 - not a wave.

  2. 2

    Dan Howell

    More of a salute than a wave. Colourful and unique but not really a wave. 4/10 - barely a wave.

  3. 3

    Phil Lester

    The splayed hand raised at a jaunty angle certainly suggests a wave, but without the side-to-side movement we just can't definitely call it one. Phil is warm, but it's not quite wave enough. 7/10 - not quite wavey enough.

  4. 4

    Tyler Oakley

    There's a definite waving motion, but it's only in one direction so it loses points. 8/10 - not a complete wave.

  5. 5

    Definitely a wave but a little stiff and tentative. If she owned that wave just a little bit more she'd be in the top spot. 9/10 - close but no cigar.

  6. 6

    BEST: Zoe Sugg

    There is solid hand movement from left to right. The wrist is also engaged (if only slightly). Folks, what else is there to say except that she's clearly waving. 10/10 - only person to actually wave.

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