You Won't Believe What They Have At This McDonald's!

After officially saying goodbye to the $1 menu, Meet the Hong Kong exclusive, McDonald's Next

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    Welcome to the next McDonald's!

    Actually they're calling it "McDonald's Next" to be exact, but whatever. We would undoubtedly eat it no matter what they called it, so prepare to consume this info on McDonald's like you never have before!

  2. 2


    That dollar menu thing wasn't a joke - McDonald's needs even more money! During the last couple of years, McDonald's has been trending downwards financially and consumer-wise, so now they're hopping on the health train. WARNING: What you're about to see may shock you!

  3. 3

    Meet the McSalad Bar

    A 19 ingredient "modern & progressive" salad bar awaits you when you enter this Jetsons-esque, health conscious, millennial McDonald's. Sneezeguard ftw!

  4. 4

    There's a new "Big Mac" in town

    Actually, the Big Mac is still on the menu along with the rest of our all time faves! I guess that classic McDonald's smell isn't going away any time soon... but now you can add quinoa, couscous, and asparagus to it!

  5. 5

    New Wallpaper?

    An attempt to set itself apart from the classic "red & yellow kill a fellow" color scheme, McDonald's Next goes for ambient lighting, metal, community-style tables, and upscale glass adornments. McDonald's is becoming "hipster" for short.

  6. 6

    You down with C.Y.T.?

    It's all about customization, and that's why McDonald's came up with the "Create Your Taste" station. Never compromise for what's on the menu again, now you get to make your burger via touchscreen.

  7. 7

    Pop Bottles! Time for #TableService

    In a last ditch effort to literally turn us into the people from Wall-E, Mickey D's is bringing the food to us! That's cool, as long as it's not Ronald - that dude's a clown ;)

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