You'll Never Guess What These Awesome Designers Did For Sick Kids!

The smallest changes can make the biggest differences!

  1. 1

    Being a sick kid sucks, but one of the worst parts of being stuck in a hospital is having to wear dreary gowns all the time - well, not anymore!

    Hospital gowns are hardly high fashion...

  2. 2

    WARD+ROBE, a collection of awesome stylists, have introduced new gowns that are super cool, and very stylish!

    Looking good on the catwalk and in the O.R.!

  3. 3

    This project was a joint venture by several designers in partnership with The Starlight's Children Foundation in Canada. They wanted to make a difference in these children's lives, and by the looks of things they totally did!

    This lil lady is looking good in her new threads!

  4. 4

    Hospital gowns strip away identity, which can be tough for teenagers. The new gowns empower them and allow them to express their unique identity!

    Kicking back in his new gown

  5. 5

    Clearly, the new gowns are a huge hit! WARD+ROBES hopes to roll out their snazzy gowns to hospitals worldwide soon! We're sure the kids can't wait!

    You can learn more, and donate here!

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