Winter Celebrations From Around The World

Who celebrates what?

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    Yuki Matsuri Sapparo Snow Festival-Japan

    This particular snow Festival is huge, Artists from all over form Snow Sculptures in Japans Odori Park and lining the streets of Susukino. This festival lasts a Week and is fun for all. This attraction grosses more and more tourists from around the world in greater numbers each year.

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    Las Fallas-Valencia Spain

    The Las Fallas Celebration in Spain is a very creative tribute to St. Joseph of Carpenters. This festival lasts 5 days and city goers take flame to what are known as the Ninnots (puppets made of paper mache) Not sure what this symbolizes but is fun for all ages and is a big thing in Valencia Spain. Everyone also gets really dressed up for the event.

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    Hwacheon Sancheoneo Ice Festival- South Korea

    The Hwacheon Ice Festival is held in Gangwon Do a region in South Korea that completely freezes over in the Winter with thick ice underneath. Tourists can ice fish, Bobsled and skate across the ice. Fun for all ages.

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    Winterlude-Ottawa Canada

    Three days of Winter fun here in Ottawa Canada at the Winterlude Festival. Held from January 29-February 15 of next year. Events include: Skating on the Rideau Canal Skateway, Winter Triathalon, Amazing Ice Sculptures, and visiting the Snowflake Kingdom.

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    Yukon Quest in Fairbanks-Yukon Territory

    Yukon Quest is an 1000 mile sled dog race between Whitehorse, Yukon and Fairbanks. There can be up to 50 different sled dog teams from all over.

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    Frozen Dead Guys Day-Nederland Colorado

    Frozen Dead Guys Days is dedicated to Bredo Morstol who is frozen in a state of suspended animation and housed in a Tuff Shed on dry ice high above Nederland. Events include: Blue Ball, Coffin Races, Brain Freeze contests and Ice Turkey Bowling. They also hold a huge parade.

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    Winter Party Festival-Miami Beach

    Started back in 1994 originally for the LGBTQ community to celebrate but quickly became popular to all and is now one of the biggest festivals of its kind. This festival lasts 6 days and typically has over 10,000 guests. This festival is for all to celebrate people and life.

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    Mardi Gras- New Orleans

    The Mardi Gras festival is more than just getting some beads and getting your drink on, there is a lot of history behind the event. On March 2, 1699 Mardi Gras was first celebrated by a man named Jean Baptiste Le Moyne Sieur de Bienville a French Canadian explorer. Mardi Gras is also a celebration of people and the rich and exciting culture of New Orleans.

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    Carnival- Rio De Janeiro

    Carnival in Rio de Janeiro is a huge festival with lots of music and Samba a dance that came from the Africans and now the people of Brazil widely dance to and celebrate the rich Brazillian traditions at the Carnival. People of all ages gather to the streets of Sambadrome and dance and party in the streets during the main parade. The Carnival is a national holiday in Brazil.

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    Carnevale- Venice

    Masks, Masks and more masks so if you are scared of the whole clown or mask thing do not go to Venices Carnevale, but for everyone else this festival has rich culture and celebrates the arts of the Venician community. There is lots of art and paintings from famous artists such as Dali, Van Gogh hung around and the masks people wear are decorated with feathers, Leather and other fabrics.

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