Why Timeless Is One Of The Best New Fall Shows You Should Watch

Here are 5 opinions from our writing staff and they are unanimously positive!

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    This show has an amazing cast to start of with. All characters are interesting but Lucy is the one we watch. We are rooting for her and her truth and we hope she will get her sister back somehow. Then it gives great history lessons every week and they make it very interesting and not as boring as it was in school. It gives you history with a twist. The time machines look like the CBS eyeball symbol, but it is neat looking and gets you places

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    This show is a fresh time travel idea. There is one group fighting to change important historical events and another trying to stop them. In the first episode alone Lucy Preston, one of the "good guys" loses her sister in the present because something was changed in the past. When she has the discrepancy traced she finds out her mom and dad never met; at least her sister's dad never met their mom. The man she always thought of as her dad wasn't which is proven by the fact she is still there after history changes. Her mom had been dying of cancer before the same change but was healthy when she came back. Lucy was also engaged to a man she had never met. There has never been a show about time travel quite like this and it keeps you on the edge of your seat. It is worth watching.;)

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    NBC's Timeless is so much fun! This is a fun show. Each episode reels you in from the 1st second until the last. Every episode until now has visited another time period which resulted in great costumes and set decorations. Abigail Spencer shines as Lucy Preston, the historian protagonist we root for. In only 3 episodes she has formed a nice team with Wyatt (soldier) and Rufus (scientist). Timeless entertains and isn't that mainly what we look for in a show? This show does it, and does it really well!

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    Timeless is one of these shows that get you hooked the minute you start watching them. Apart from the exceptional cast and the highly entertaining characters (with my personal favorite being Malcolm Barrett's Rufus, followed closely by Goran Visnjic's Flynn), Timeless catches the viewers' eyes with its style. Each week presents us with the chance to enhance our knowledge in history and the biggest events of the previous centuries that affected life as we now know it, while at the same time the episodes don't get to become plot driven, as they still pay attention to the characters' evolution. Through each time travel we learn a little more about Lucy, get to see what Wyatt hides behind his strong facade, enjoy tons of entertaining moments AND touching ones thanks to Rufus and we become witnesses to this unusual band of people becoming a real team. Plus, there's a whole ton of mysteries in need to be uncovered and nothing can get a viewer more excited than a puzzle to be solved. Not to mention the amount of guest stars called to portray the most infamous figures in history. Do yourself and favor and watch this show. You will surely not miss!

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    Not only do we go back in time, but NBC Timeless offers a lot of cool wardrobes to go along with the year they go back to. Yes, they could easily wear there future clothes and have the past very confused, but they try to fit in. It's pretty cool seeing what people use to wear before your time. It's also pretty cool seeing the landmarks and how things use to be. I don't know about you, but seeing those old cars looking nice and cruising down the road is a sight to see. But that's not all. You also have the bad guy, or so he appears to be. But he's not just a villains of the show, he could be the hero in all of this when everything is said and done. That's right, our bad guy is very interesting and we want to see more of him. He's not just another terrorist who is out to destroy the world, or maybe he is, but his story is an interesting one.

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