Why Horror Fans Need To Watch Channel Zero

Syfy's new series is a horror classic in the making.

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    Channel Zero relies on old-fashioned creepiness and a general feeling of unease, like the stories that scared you when you were a kid.

    The fact that the plot of this show centers around a supposed children's show, Candle Cove, is key because it invokes the same kind of fear I felt when I was a child. When you're young, fear could be found in even the most innocuous of places.. A closet, under a bed. It was the unknown that was scary. Channel Zero takes you back to that place.

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    And like every great creepypasta, you don't entirely know what's real or what isn't

    Psychologist Mike Painter's (Paul Schneider) return to his hometown is plagued by uncertainty. Between his dreams of his past (and the murders of local children, including his twin brother) and the bizarre occurrences that befall him, it's really difficult to know if what is happening is real or an illusion. But as any creepypasta fan knows, part of the fun is the play on realness. It's scarier when you think something could be true, but you're not sure. It kind of makes you question your own sanity, much like Mike does.

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    The plot and tone is disturbing, meaning there's less relying on jump scares

    Ok, so this might be a matter of preference. Perhaps you enjoy a good jump scare, and even I do on occasion. But I much prefer films and TV shows that choose to go the increasingly rare route of building dread rather than providing immediate payoff. It just feels too easy to show you a monster in all its glory popping up from under a bed or around a darkened corner. I want that eventually, but only after tortuous amounts of build-up to the point I can't take it anymore.

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    Genuinely scary creatures (and puppets)

    I mean, what IS THAT THING? Is it fungus? It kind of looks like fungus. While I may jest about Mushroom Man (as I may start calling him), the creature depicted in much of the show's key art and promos is not only disturbing, but also original in its look. It's refreshing to see a fresh new incarnation for terror instead of the same old visual tropes. And also, the Candle Cove TV series features puppets that make my skin crawl. Enough said.

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    The show's mysteries are effective

    Because the Candle Cove creepypasta did not have much of a plot per se apart from relating a memory of a children's show, the writers pretty much have free reign to do whatever they want. And luckily, they seem to have grasped a way to weave the essence of the story with a substantial mystery. I can honestly say I have no idea what to expect next, and that's always a blessing when I'm watching a show. Horror in particular can be far too predictable for my liking, so Channel Zero appears to be on the right track in making a mind-bending thriller that will leave you on the edge of your seat for each episode. The only downside? There are only six!

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