Who Are The Next Cubs? Here Are The 9 Teams With The Longest Title Droughts

Last night the Cubs ended their 108 year title drought. Which teams are next in line as the longest suffering in the sports world?

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    Arizona Cardinals - 69 years

    The Cardinals might not be who you thought would top this list. They have been in a few different homes and last won the title when they were the Chicago Cardinals all the way back in 1947. This team has also been in St. Louis and now Arizona. This Cardinals team hasn't had much success during this time, from 1948-2007 the Cardinals only made the playoffs four times. In recent memory the Cardinals have gone to a Super Bowl and were in last year's AFC Championship game. This drought could be over sooner rather than later.

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    Cleveland Indians - 68 Years

    The Indians came oh so close just last night as just like the 1997 World Series they lost game 7 in extra innings. The Indians have been to the Series three times in the last 20 years and no team has been closer than The Tribe. This loss would sting much worse for Cleveland had the Cavaliers not ended the cities title drought earlier this year. This Indians team has great pitching and some good young bats. This another drought that has a chance to be over in the next few years.

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    Sacramento Kings - 65 Years

    The Kings are another franchise that has moved around quite a bit. Their lone NBA title came back in 1951 when they were the Rochester Royals. Since then this team has gone to Cincinnati, Kansas City, and finally Sacramento. The Kings have had many different playoff runs, but haven't been back to the NBA finals since their last championship. The Kings had quite the team in the early 2000's, but they may be the furthest away from a title out of all the teams on this list.

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    Detroit Lions - 59 Years

    When you think of losing sports teams, there's a chance that the Lions will be one of the teams that come to mind. Since their last title in 1957 the Lions have won just one playoff game and that was back in 1991. You may remember back in 2008, the Lions were the first team in NFL history to go 0-16. While the Lions have put together a good team in recent years it could still be a while before they win that elusive Super Bowl win.

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    Atlanta Hawks - 58 Years

    The Hawks last won a title back in 1958 when they were in St. Louis. The Hawks have been a consistent playoff team over the year's culminating in the best record in the NBA and a conference finals appearance in 2014-15. The Hawks are another team that seems to be far from a title. Without a superstar on the team this drought may continue on.

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    Philadelphia Eagles - 56 Years

    The Eagles have been one of the most successful teams on this list. While they haven't won a title since 1960, they have been to two Super Bowls and have been in the playoffs 10 of the last 16 seasons. With a new young QB and a winning head coach, this Eagles team could be on the way to the top, we'll wait and see how it turns out.

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    Texas Rangers - 56 Years

    While the Indians came very close, The Rangers were the closest team of any on this list to winning a title. In 2011, the Rangers were not once, but twice one strike away from winning the World Series. This team continues to be in the hunt each and every year and have been a consistent playoff team in the last seven years. The Rangers are one of the few teams on this list that have never won a title in their history.

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    Tennessee Titans - 55 Years

    The Titans are another team that have come incredibly close to winning a title. They were famously just one yard short in overtime against the St. Louis Rams in the 1999 Super Bowl. The team has still yet to win a Super Bowl in their 15 years in Tennessee or their 47 years in Houston. The Titans have made the playoffs just five times since their Super Bowl appearance and it could be awhile till they finally win one.

  9. 9

    Houston Astros - 53 Years

    The Astros are another team that has yet to win a World Series in its 53 year history. They made it to the World Series as recently as 2005, but they were swept by the Chicago White Sox. For the first time since then the Astros have a great young team. This is another one who's streak may be coming to an end sooner than you may think.

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