Which TV Show You Should Watch Based On Your Zodiac

Screw the TV Guide! Let the stars determine which show you should watch next.

  1. 1


    You're an intellectual who enjoys hanging out with friends and having deep conversation. "Girls" is perfect for you to watch with friends. Then, you and your crew can discuss Dunham's commentary on modern society.

  2. 2


    You believe in the power of helping others and inspiring change for the better. "The Biggest Loser" will have you rooting for people to make healthier choices and touch your generous heartstrings.

  3. 3


    Bring on the high-stakes drama! "How To Get Away With Murder" will satisfy your inner competitor and wild side.

  4. 4


    "American Crime" will appeal to your patient side (it unfolds slowly) and your strong sense of responsibility (it centers around the question of doing the right thing).

  5. 5


    You've got a quick wit and will certainly appreciate the clever quips on "Inside Amy Schumer."

  6. 6


    You've got all the emotions from "Inside Out." Let them all out to play while watching "Grey's Anatomy." Warning: tears and laughter ahead.

  7. 7


    You're a natural-born leader. Envision your future on "Madam Secretary."

  8. 8


    You're quite detail-oriented and look for the little things. You'll love solving the crime before the great Olivia Benson does on "Law and Order: SVU."

  9. 9


    You love to be surrounded by people and friends. Binge-watching "Friends" has your name written all over it.

  10. 10


    As a brave person, you'll relate to the tough choices the daring characters on "Game of Thrones" have to make.

  11. 11


    You've got a great sense of humor and a kind soul. "Modern Family" blends those two qualities perfectly.

  12. 12


    Your mind is on career and success. Alicia Florrick from "The Good Wife" may just be your spirit animal.

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