What You Might Not Know About The Super Bowl

Here are 50 things to watch as Super Bowl 50 approaches, straight from the brain of Gazette Sports editor Matt Wiley. See how much you know about, Beyonce, Tebow, Manning, Newton and many others. (AP photos)

  1. 1

    1 - Team not playing has to be pumped about this Super Bowl: The Chicago Bears. The coach who was hired after John Fox left has taken the Broncos and Panthers to the Super Bowl.

  2. 2

    2. More numbers in this list needed to have the Broncos' sack total. Denver had 52 sacks this season to lead the NFL.

  3. 3

    3. Games missed by Panthers LB Luke Kuechly, yet he still racked up 118 tackles. Denver's leading tackler had 110.

  4. 4

    4. Super Bowl appearances by Peyton Manning. He was coached by four head coaches in those games (Tony Dungy, Jim Caldwell, John Fox, Gary Kubiak).

  5. 5

    5. Super Bowl losses by the Broncos. The most in NFL history.

  6. 6

    6. Halftime performers this year. The four members of Coldplay plus Beyonce and Bruno Mars. Mars performed when Denver lost in the Super Bowl to Seattle. Beyonce sang the National Anthem the year the Panthers lost the Super Bowl.

  7. 7

    7 - John Elway. Any time the number seven and the Broncos are mentioned the answer is always John Elway.

  8. 8

    8 Appearances in the Super Bowl by the Broncos. That is tied for the most with the Steelers, Cowboys and Patriots.

  9. 9

    9. Hundred dollars given away by The Gazette to sports fans. All you had to do was correctly predict games or who would score first for the Broncos. We are giving away a $100 for correctly picking who scores first in Super Bowl 50.

  10. 10

    10. Rushing touchdowns by Panthers QB Cam Newton in the regular season. The Broncos had 13 as a team.

  11. 11

    11. Combined touchdown scored by Denver and Carolina would be a record. The current record is 10 set by San Francisco vs. San Diego in 1995.

  12. 12

    12. Out of 12 (last) is Denver's rank in passing defense in the playoffs. Surprisingly, Denver is allowing 301.5 yards per game.

  13. 13

    13. Teams have never won a Super Bowl. The Panthers are one of them.

  14. 14

    14. Replacements are needed to the original Pro Bowl rosters. Ten Panthers were selected and four Broncos.

  15. 15

    15. Minutes of fame for The Dab (Cam Newton's touchdown celebration) will actually last 30 minutes. Didn’t this dance die when Hillary Clinton did it?

  16. 16

    16. Sacks by DeMarcus Ware and Derek Wolfe (16.5 to be exact) in the playoffs and regular season combined. Still stunned that Ware-Wolfe isn't on commercials.

  17. 17

    17. Years ago John Elway played his final game and walked off the field as a Super Bowl champion. Is Peyton Manning following that script?

  18. 18

    18. Is the number worn by the only quarterback (Peyton Manning) to lead two franchises to multiple Super Bowls.

  19. 19

    19. Letters spell "Wardrobe malfunction." That is probably what you remember from the Panthers' last Super Bowl appearance. The term, which refers to Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake's halftime show, was added to the dictionary and was the key in creating YouTube according to founder Jawed Karim.

  20. 20

    20. Receptions in 11 weeks for Vernon Davis as a Bronco. The former 49 could be a valuable tour guide this week.

  21. 21

    21. Penalties in the game would set a Super Bowl record. Both Denver (1978) and Carolina (2004) were involved in Super Bowls with 20 penalties.

  22. 22

    22. Point victory for the Broncos the last time they played the Panthers. They won 36-14 in 2012.

  23. 23

    23. Interceptions thrown by the Broncos' offense to lead the NFL.

  24. 24

    24. Interceptions by the Panthers' defense to lead the NFL.

  25. 25

    25. Points per game by the Broncos in four meeting all-time with the Panthers. Carolina averages 20.3.

  26. 26

    26. Year old Cam Newton could arguable have the best resume for a quarterback of all-time with a Super Bowl victory and MVP performance. Seriously, he won a college title and the Heisman, he was the top overall pick in the draft, he won Rookie of the Year and he is likely to win the MVP of the league. His resume is already great.

  27. 27

    2/7 - The only other time the Super Bowl was played on Feb. 7 Peyton Manning and the Colts lost to the Saints in 2010.

  28. 28

    28 - Winning percent (28.6) for the Broncos in the Super Bowl. They are 2-5.

  29. 29

    29. Percent of the Earth is covered by Carolina's Josh Norman. The other 71 percent is covered by water. This is according to his fans on social media.

  30. 30

    30 Field goals each made by Carolina's Graham Gano (out of 36 attempts) and Denver's Brandon McManus (out of 35 attempts)

  31. 31

    31 Points per game (31.3 to be exact) for the Panthers to lead the NFL.

  32. 32

    32 Seasons of "Survivor." With the game on CBS prepare to see plenty of commercials for that.

  33. 33

    33 Times Cam Newton was sacked during the regular season.

  34. 34

    34 Will be worn by referee Clete Blakeman. According to Wikipedia, Blakeman is also a partner in a law firm in OMA-HA, OMA-HA.

  35. 35

    35 Years ago Bob Marley died (1981). DeMarcus Ware named his daughter Marley after his favorite singer according to The Dallas Morning News.

  36. 36

    36 Receptions by Carolina's Corey Brown (31 regular season, five in playoffs). He was roommates with Denver's Bradley Roby while both were at Ohio State.

  37. 37

    37 - Ranking for Carolina's Tedd Ginn Jr. in dropped pass percentage this season. He drops 10.4 percent of passes according to sportingcharts.com. Demaryius Thomas drops 5.1 percent.

  38. 38

    38 Wins and six losses for the Warriors in their first 44 games. NBA MVP and Golden State guard Steph Curry is a huge Panthers fan and is expected to attend the Super Bowl.

  39. 39

    39 Years, 10 months and 14 days old makes Peyton Manning the oldest QB in Super Bowl history

  40. 40

    40 Points per game in the playoffs by the Panthers (two games).

  41. 41

    41 Percent of the time (unofficial number, just a guess) former official Mike Carey gets the call correct when giving his insight during a broadcast if you believe social media.

  42. 42

    42 Days after their only loss of the season (20-13 to Atlanta) the Panthers will play in the Super Bowl. The Broncos will not have lost in 49 days (Dec. 20).

  43. 43

    43 - Total points scored by the Broncos in two playoff wins. The Panthers have scored 80.

  44. 44

    44 Was the number worn of the last Broncos running back who entered the Hall of Fame. Terrell Davis finds out Super Bowl week if he made it in this year.

  45. 45

    45 - The opening over/under for the Super Bowl. With Carolina favored by 4, Vegas is basically predicting a 24.5-20.5 final score.

  46. 46

    46 Receptions by Owen Daniels. He was third on the Broncos. He would have been Carolina's second leading receiver.

  47. 47

    47 Percent passing (47.9 to be exact) for Tim Tebow in his career. If you are a Tebow supporter, please stop emailing The Gazette after a Broncos loss asking why Tebow isn't their quarterback.

  48. 48

    48 Thousand people (47,900 to be exact) signed a petition started by The Denver City Page to have Phil Simms stop calling Broncos games for CBS. The petition can be found at www.change.org/p/cbs-ban-phil-simms-from-broadcasting-bronco-games

  49. 49

    49 Super Bowls have been played and a quarterback has been named MVP 27 times.

  50. 50

    50 Golden anniversary near the Golden Gate Bridge. I see what you did there NFL.

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