What Will Michelle Obama Do In Her Life After The White House?

Her speech at the DNC has many thinking she may run for office but so far she's denied these rumors

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    Michelle Obama will soon be free of the White House and no longer First Lady which has lead many to wonder; what will Michelle do next?

    Michelle delivering her speech at the DNC

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    Many have said that Michelle is already penning a memoir on her time in the White House, something that would be incredibly profitable. Rumors continue to swirl that the First Lady may run for Office in Chicago, but nothing has been confirmed.

    The First Lady may run in a State Senate race

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    With Michelle's experience and qualifications her options are essentially limitless. We're sure that whatever she does next will be super awesome! We'll miss you, Michelle! What do YOU think Michelle should do after her time in the White House ends? Would you vote for Michelle in an election? Sound off in the comments below and don't forget to share this with your friends!

    Maybe another President Obama is in our future?

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