What Does Your Favorite Flower Say About You?

Your preferred bloom says more than you know.

  1. 1


    You are driven, stylish and organized. Life for you is not just something that you get through. It's something you EXCEL at. Every moment of every day that you're alive is another chance for you to shine.

  2. 2


    You are creative, funny and laid-back. You have an easy style and bright smile. People want to be around you all the time. You tend to have a large group of eclectic friends.

  3. 3


    You are fashionable, friendly and feminine. You're an empathetic nurturer with a talent for understanding what people need from you. You tend to have long, loving relationships.

  4. 4


    You are intelligent, thoughtful and generous. You are well known for how kind you are to people of all walks of life, but you also know how to treat yourself as well. You know your way around a kitchen.

  5. 5

    Bird of Paradise

    You are sophisticated, creative and spontaneous. You have an easy laugh that tends to be infectious. Your friends love to get you to laugh! You are a hostess with the mostess and throw great parties.

  6. 6


    You are creative and smart with a great sense of humor. You love self-improvement, so you get better and better every day. Your home is always cozy and welcoming.

  7. 7


    You are tough and cool with a softer side that only your best friends get to see. You are musically talented and have a real knack for dancing, singing or playing an instrument.

  8. 8


    You are friendly, energetic and sensitive. You love well and you are well-loved. You always have a shoulder to cry on, and there's always a shoulder for you when you need it.

  9. 9


    You are generous, friendly and fun. You love going out with friends and burning the midnight oil, but you can be just as happy staying home with a good book or two.

  10. 10

    Morning Glory

    You are driven, organized and a skilled problem solver. You have big dreams and even bigger plans to make them all come true. Your friends tend to come to you for advice on money and business matters.

  11. 11


    You are cute, quirky and tend to march to the beat of your own drummer. You have a real talent for music and visual arts. Your friends wish they could be more like you.

  12. 12

    Cactus Flower

    You are introspective and artistic with a good eye for color and composition. You are in tune with nature and the environment. You go out of your way to make informed decisions.

  13. 13


    You are fun, fun-loving and civic minded. You love to create, whether it's cooking, knitting or writing. You are popular, and your friends all wish they could have more of your time.

  14. 14


    You are bright, optimistic and organized. You're athletic with a real talent for sports. Your friends don't know where you get your energy, but you have an inner drive that can't be turned off.

  15. 15


    You are attractive, athletic and introspective. You have a charming personality that draws people, even strangers, to you. You find pleasure in life's simpler offerings.

  16. 16


    You are deep, introspective and complex. You have an amazing ear for music and your friends trust your opinion when it comes to which movie to see or band to listen to.

  17. 17


    You are practical and intelligent with a dry sense of humor. You are at your best when you're out in nature or on the road. You are a skilled traveler and leave a piece of yourself everywhere you go.

  18. 18


    You are outspoken, passionate and driven. You care deeply about the world around you. You are usually well-versed in history, politics and religion and usually dominate debates on those topics.

  19. 19


    You are kind, free-spirited and imaginative. You're a skilled daydreamer and can spend hours inside your own head without getting bored. You are at home in big cities as well as rural settings.

  20. 20


    You are organized, brave and confident. You have an eye for fashion and design. You have a talent for getting through even the most daunting to-do list with style and ease.

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