What Are The Best Uniforms In NFL History?

The NFL's undergone frequent fashion changes in its 96-year history. Here is each franchise's best uniform ever, ranked from best to worst.

  1. 1

    Denver Broncos: Before Stirrups Ruined Everything

    Prior to the Broncos opting for the still-odd stirrups in 1997, they rolled with these. Their orange-on-white home versions are missed to this day.

  2. 2

    Chicago Bears: Change Can Be Bad

    The Bears have the right idea: don't let a few less-than-good seasons change one of the best uniforms ever. Their dark blues-on-white pants home kit is the NFL's top current look.

  3. 3

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers: They Clearly Miss Them

    The Bucs may have won the Super Bowl and become not awful in their switch away from Buccaneer Bruce, but their orange-on-white look is one of the most unique outfits in sports history.

  4. 4

    Kansas City Chiefs: Contrast Is Key

    The Chiefs' uniforms have been largely untouched for almost 50 years. Their current road look, white on red, is the NFL's best current away-from-home attire.

  5. 5

    San Francisco 49ers: No Explanation Needed

    San Francisco wisely re-adopted this uniform a few years ago. Joe Montana, Jerry Rice and Co. made this red-on-gold home look legendary in the '80s.

  6. 6

    Philadelphia Eagles: Gray Is OK

    Randall Cunningham made the Eagles' home green-on-grays must-see. Despite Philly making the Super Bowl other color schemes in 1980 and 2004, this was its best look.

  7. 7

    New England Patriots: America, Man

    Yeah, the Pats were mostly bad in these. But don't try and say their "Gate"-era unis are better than Pat The Patriot. Prior to switching it up in 1993, New England had a historic home uniform.

  8. 8

    Green Bay Packers: This May Not Ever Change

    From Lombardi to Rodgers, this is what the Packers look like. Their road white-on-gold look is almost as good.

  9. 9

    Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders: Bo Knows Unis

    Rightly keeping their classic black-on-silver home look -- and their underrated white-on-silver road attire -- the Raiders have a top-10 uniform even if their records are anything but.

  10. 10

    Cincinnati Bengals: Still The No. 1 Helmet

    The Bengals' current oranges are nice, but these home kits they wore before changing things up in the 2000s complement their one-of-a-kind helmet perfectly.

  11. 11

    Dallas Cowboys: Not Much Of A Choice Here

    Arguably the best uniforms in NFL history -- others will argue it -- Dallas' whites, seen here from Super Bowl XXVII in 1993, are perhaps the uniform most associated with the league.

  12. 12

    New York Jets: Tradition Is Not Always Great

    The '70s-'90s Jets had a great look, complete with an actual jet for a logo. Reverting back to their Joe Namath-era unis in 1998, the Jets left behind an underrated classic. Their '90s white-on-green look was their best.

  13. 13

    Houston Oilers: Lost In Time

    The Titans don't offer anything close to this Oilers look. While Houston's home set of light blue-on-white was great as well, the 1980s-1990s away look (above) was slightly better.

  14. 14

    Cleveland Browns: Losing Toppled Tradition

    Until the Browns unveiled their new look in 2015, their white-on-whites were among the best ever. Normally, contrast is the way to go. But The Cleve pulled this off well, avoiding brown pants. For the best.

  15. 15

    Seattle Seahawks: They Existed Before 2012

    Though not as known as the Russell Wilson-era unis, these Hawks made good use of gray. Their road white-on-gray, with maybe the best arm stripe ever featuring a wraparound Seahawk, is their premier look.

  16. 16

    Atlanta Falcons: Deion's First Uniform

    Before "Prime Time" became an NFL nomad, he started in these. The Falcons weren't very good in these red-on-grays they ditched in 1990, but their black look didn't quite pop like the home reds.

  17. 17

    New York Giants: New York Had It Right

    The Giants won 2 Super Bowls in these, but like the Jets, changed back to their classic look. LT's home blue-on-white uniform, and underrated helmet, brought more to the table.

  18. 18

    San Diego Chargers: OK, I Guess Berman's Right

    For some reason, these are only San Diego's alternates. The Chargers' current navy blues are horrendous. They're not as legendary as some insist, but the Chargers are wasting them.

  19. 19

    Miami Dolphins: Get Off Our Aqua Corner, Jaguars

    Miami's appearance until the late 1990s when some goofy numbers replaced this more understated font, the Dan Marino-period aqua-on-white version always stood out due to its originality.

  20. 20

    Baltimore/Indianapolis Colts: Simple, Effective

    The Colts rival the Bears and Packers for best classic look. Baltimore's '50s and '60s style portrayed class. Peyton Manning helped keep this going.

  21. 21

    Pittsburgh Steelers: Just Put A Logo On Both Sides

    Pittsburgh refuses to place its logo on both sides of its helmet and for some reason now uses italic number font. Solid, but their road white-on-golds from their Super Bowl run and shortly after are the choice.

  22. 22

    St. Louis Rams: Modern Enhancements

    A controversial selection with most preferring the yellow ram, St. Louis' white-on-gold road kit improved a stale-looking version. The Rams, however, ditched these gold pants lately. Big mistake.

  23. 23

    Detroit Lions: Not Showing Off, Not Falling Behind

    The Lions' white-on-gray outdoor road look made good use of contrast, with 3 colors well-represented. Their moderns throw that mix off with the unnecessary inclusion of black. Too much.

  24. 24

    Carolina Panthers: New-School Patience. Rare

    The Panthers have smartly kept their original look, which is best displayed with these black-on-grays.

  25. 25

    Buffalo Bills: The Giants, But With Different Helmets

    Super Bowl XXV was weird, with the teams' unis clashing. The Bills' helmet narrowly gives this blue-on-white look from their Super Bowl days the edge over their current throwback-based preference.

  26. 26

    New Orleans Saints: Keeping It Simple

    The Saints may not have the best uniform out there, but it's remained mostly unchanged. Consistent and reliably appealing, except when they go with that college-style black-on-black match at home.

  27. 27

    Washington Redskins: Hot-Button Topic

    Washington's current gold pants aren't quite as distinctive as their Super Bowl-winning white-on-maroon pairing. Would be totally fine with D.C. scrapping these amid a mascot switch.

  28. 28

    Minnesota Vikings: The Purple Champions!

    Unfortunately, the Vikings chose purple and had their own corner until the Ravens came along. Their white-on-purple look prior to complicating it recently was their best. But purple is tough to pull off.

  29. 29

    Arizona Cardinals: Good Thing This Happened

    If Rod Tidwell didn't come along, few would remember these Cardinals unis. The franchise hasn't done well with shirts and pants and, especially, helmets.

  30. 30

    Jacksonville Jaguars: Pick A Jersey Already

    The Jags' original teal look was their best, but that's not saying much. Since, chaos has reigned in Jacksonville's equipment room.

  31. 31

    Houston Texans: J.J. Watt Wears These, At Least

    The white-on-blue road preference is the Texans' best. Anything but that red thing. But nothing memorable here.

  32. 32

    Baltimore Ravens: Regrettable From The Start

    The Ravens' first Super Bowl team's white-on-white away unis were their most appealing combination, but purple and black is a bad mix of colors to start a franchise.

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