Westworld: The Crazy Fan Theories So Far

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    Logan is the Man in Black

    Logan is the Man in BlackIt seems almost inevitable that, along with the multiple timelines being officially confirmed, Season One's finale will come with the reveal that William is the Man in Black. The MiB tells Dolores he's been coming to the park for thirty years and that "in a sense, I was born here". We also know his wife killed herself shortly before his current jaunt to Westworld. His wife of exactly thirty years.Still, there are those who aren't quite buying it, with some believing Ben Barnes' Logan may actually turn out to be Ed Harris' cipher of a guest. For this to be the case, he'd ALSO have to be getting married the minute he leaves the park, survive the trip back to the ‘outside’(which, frankly, seems like a long shot), and become much smarter and cooler over the next three decades (an even longer shot).This would also make William, the only human character on the show with any real stakes or growth, completely pointless. A one-season curiosity who would just happen to disappear after his life-changing Westworld trip. Unless he did die in the finale, having his poor sap, always-a-bridesmaid consciousness uploaded into Teddy, destined to square off against his friend-turned enemy year after year.Actually, wow, what if?!

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    Westworld is on Mars

    Jonathan Nolan has been open about the fact Westworld's location is, at the very least, of interest. We know it's somewhere extremely remote, since the behind-the-scenes staff tend to work at the park in "rotations", living on site while they do so. Also, Mars already kinda looks like a big ol' red rocky desert, right? It makes sense!If you go back and watch Episode Three, stars (particularly the Orion constellation) play a big part in the plot of the episode. This seems like nitpicking, but after ten episodes, we still have NEVER seen a shot of the night sky in Westworld. Could this be because the placement of the stars, moon(s), or lack thereof, would be a confirmation of Westworld's off-the-Earth location? This one I Could quite happily believe.

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    Stubbs is a host

    Luke Hemsworth's Ashley Stubbs is one of the more, utilitarian characters working at the park, with little interest in the psychology of the hosts or the guests. He just wants to keep things running, and preferably not have a deranged robot crush its own skull in with a big rock.I read this theory on the Westworld subreddit earlier today and laugh out loud every time I think of it still.Buried under all the alternate timeline, BernArnold (the fan term for the now-confirmed theory), and Maeve discussion, are several threads dedicated to detailing hints about Stubbs' true nature. There's the "host head that looks vaguely like him" post. The "this one, fleeting scene blows the whole thing wide open" post.Sod it, everyone's a host! Why would Ford employ people for MONEY when he can demonstrably generate loyal, hardworking employees who last forever? Maybe the "rotations" thing is just a cover for the park workers' very own loops. Bernard may have been a lost cause eventually, but, Ford, my man, that's what you get when you model a sentient robot after a man whose sole obsession was creating hostile consciousness within sentient robots.

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    Peter Abernathy will "eat William's hands"

    I also read this theory on the Westworld subreddit today and I think it has to be one of the craziest fan theories. I just can't do it real justice, so here it is in its full glory:"In Episode 1, due to the reverie update we see Peter Abernathy revert back to his Isa Rose persona -- the Shakespeare-quoting cannibal. In a bit of narrative foreshadowing, he says "by these mechanical and dirty hands... I shall have such revenge on you". He then grabs hold of Dr Ford. In the final episode I predict that there will be a scene set in the William-Logan timeline 30 years ago, where William encounters Peter Abernathy in his cannibal persona. Abernathy will somehow override the host's do-no-harm instinct, and eat William's hands. William's hands will be replaced by mechanical hands. This would explain why he always wears gloves.If this one turns out to be on the money, I am throwing a goddamn party.

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    Bernard Killed Elsie of His Own Accord

    Considering Ford told Bernard to kill Theresa, it’s easy to conclude he told him to kill Elsie, too. But think a little deeper, and that really makes no sense. Elsie’s dirt digging did not impact Ford in any way - only Theresa - so why would he want her killed? This theory suggests that perhaps Bernard killed Elsie of his own free will, in order to protect Theresa. After all, we know he’s capable of killing humans, and he certainly hadn’t had his memory wiped of that particular incident (as an aside - if she really is dead, Elsie is Westworld’s Barb.)

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    Westworld is Set in a Post-Apocalyptic Future

    Ok, so bear with me. This theory is based on the fact that we never actually see the outside world, and has been rationalized quite convincingly on Reddit (my favourite go-to for these theories). The 28 day guest limit, for example, could be in place due to potential radiation exposure if they were to stay any longer, and a nuclear disaster could explain the lack of any other animals (aside from flies) in the park. This would also explain the radiation suits the park workers wear when removing the host’s ‘bodies’, and the fact that Delos is so far underground

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