We Know What's Missing From Your Summer! It's This Giant Pool Full Of Coca Cola!

Take a refreshing dip in 1,500 gallons of your favorite soda! Sit in it until your flesh melts! Live the dream!

  1. 1

    This is Ryan. Ryan just jumped into a swimming pool full of Coca Cola. And Mentos. And Ice. Why?...... Why not?

    Although I think "why?" is the more pressing question here...

  2. 2

    In case you needed more proof, here's a close up. Yup. This is real.

    and disgusting, but I also do want to have a Coke now...

  3. 3

    How does it feel, Ryan? "It feels like I'm in a pool of coke, man." Well put, Ryan. Well put.

    I'm actually getting stressed thinking about how they're going to clean this up...

  4. 4

    Studies show that boredom is a key component of being creative, but I think maybe these guys were too bored. That's 1,500 gallons of Coke. There should never be that much soda in one place. There should not be a man named Ryan in that soda. It's not right.

    This is a sign of the end times to come. I'm pretty sure.

  5. 5

    Anyway, here's the whole video of this ridiculous exploit. Next year, send your kids to summer camp!

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