Wavy Hair Problems

Where my wavy haired girls at!!! I know straight haired girls and curly haired girls have their own problems with their hair, but so do we! Read this and see if you agree.

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    "Rain and wavy hair are so great together!" said no girl ever. Rain and wavy hair do NOT go together. The thicker your hair is the worse it gets. Like the picture shows, our hair gets frizzy and it SUCKS. Now if it is drizzling it won't be that bad (or bad at all.) If it is raining or pouring we know we are screwed. Now I am not saying this happens to everyone with wavy hair, but I think most girls with wavy hair can agree with me on this one.

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    You never know how your hair is going to look when you wake up

    Wavy hair is beautiful. However, it comes in many types and can look different depending on the day. This ESPECIALLY applies to when you wake up. With wavy hair you never know how it will look. With straight or curly hair it is not as big of deal. It can look nice OR it can look like a mess of waves that can not be tamed. It is really annoying. For example: one side can be very flat and the waves are weird looking, the other side can look fine. Look at your hair in the morning. Is it how you expected it to be? Is it like your hair in the yesterday? Don't forget the stuff we have to do to get it decent. It all is in the morning too! It also depends on your hair type. No matter what your hair type is you know that you have experienced this before. We just never know what our hair will look like when we wake up. That doesn't mean we don't have days where our hair is flawless. Those days are the best days!

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    The Frizziness and humidity

    Our hair is just naturally frizzier than it should be. It can be a problem. It can be low frizz or high frizz depending on your hair that day. I recommend finding a good anti-frizz product and make sure you have a good conditioner (It really can help frizziness). Don't even get me started on humidity. It causes CRAZY frizz in wavy hair. Rain is bad, but humidity can be much worse.

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    When people call our hair curly

    Yeah, we get it. Both of the hair types get confused with each other. PLEASE NOTE, THERE IS A DIFFERENCE!!!!! According to the dictionary, wavy is defined as curving alternately in opposite directions and (the most obvious) resembling or suggesting waves. Curly is defined as curling or tending to curl and curl is a coil or ringlet of hair. Are those definitions the same? Genetics even classify the types of hair as straight hair, wavy hair, and curly hair. Now don't think I hate curly hair, that is not true. Curly hair is beautiful and an amazing look, but that is not our hair type! It's just the truth! They are different types of hair with different things for that type. It really is irritating when people call our hair curly. Especially when people constantly say it whenever they see you. They are not the same thing.

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    By the end of school/work, the hair you straightened or curled is, more than likely or almost, back to waves

    We wake up earlier than usual to do something different to our hair. We either choose to straighten it or curl it. Both are awesome looks. The problem with this is that when we are back from school or work our hair is back to waves. I'm not saying this always happens (because it doesn't), but this does happen more than we'd like to admit it does. We put a lot of hairspray or products in/on our hair, but it will wind up looking wavy again. If we straighten it, it becomes light waves. If we curl it, it becomes heavy waves. It's like all that work was for nothing! The hair is back to being waves (not that we don't love our waves), but come on! HEY!!! It's not ALL bad. There are days where our hair does stay the way we intended it to and it looks awesome.

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    When we straighten or curl our hair, a strand or more will always become wavy

    Kind of adding on to the last one, but I feel this is its own problem. Now your hair does not go back to waves. It is straight or curly! "Hold on, is that a hair I missed? I'm pretty sure I got that one. Crap, don't tell me that strand got wavy again? How?" These are all thoughts we get (or similar) when we see that strand(s) that do not want to stay straight or curly. It sucks, but this problem doesn't really have a solution unless you have a straightening or curling iron with you.

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    Beachy waves

    Beachy waves are gorgeous. Many people want them so bad. That includes people with naturally wavy hair. Beachy waves are waves, but they are not the kind most wavy haired people have. They are harder to get the wavier your hair is. It's hard enough to get our hair the way it is, it's even worse with straightening and curling. Beachy waves fall between the two. It's not easier for us just because we have wavy hair. (I can assure you)

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    Not knowing what your hair will look like when you air-dry it

    So your hair is wet. You decide to air-dry it. Air-drying is the most confusing way to dry wavy hair. We literally have no clue how it will turn out. It will either be beautiful and neat or messy and a disaster. It is like gambling in a way. We will either win or lose. We'll air-dry one day and our hair will be amazing. We do the exact same thing as yesterday to our hair and our hair will not look anything like yesterday. Blow-drying can be risky too, but it will look wavy in a bit and keep the waves about the same most times you do it.

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    I love wearing hats. Once we put at hat on, that hat stays on. Not only does it flatten the upper part of our hair, it also takes away any wave up there. Taking the hat off is not an option. But hey, the lower part looks amazing.

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    Our hair needs constant styling

    We always have to check on our hair to make sure it still looks nice. We have to take care of it constantly or else it will not look good. The waves can't be tamed! Our hair is the ocean during a storm.

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    No matter what, our hair type is still awesome to have

    Our hair above all: Is awesome!!!

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