Watch This "Angel" Kitten Grow Up In 17 Adorable Photos!

These proud cat owners documented their cat's transition from kitten to adult, and you can watch him grow up before your very eyes in these pictures!

  1. 1

    Meet Jay Catsby on his very first day with his new owners. They've said he's been an "angel" and an "absolute blessing" since day one:

  2. 2

    And here he is on his first day in his new home...

  3. 3

    He quickly discovered that video games are tricky when you have not thumbs...

  4. 4

    He also quickly learned to emulate Titanic at naptime...

  5. 5

    Here he is entering his party phase (Lampshades go on your head, not the other way around, little guy.)

  6. 6

    And here he is learning that blankets can be deceptively unstable...

  7. 7

    Here is Jay Catsby becoming literate:

  8. 8

    And here he is learning that butts are very nice and warm:

  9. 9

    Here he is in his new favorite nap position:

  10. 10

    No, wait. This is his new favorite nap position...

  11. 11

    No, this is!

  12. 12

    And here he is learning that sunbathing is superb...

  13. 13

    And here he is learning to sit like a proper gentleman with his front paws folded neatly in front of him...

  14. 14

    Or maybe not so proper after all...

  15. 15

    He still loves a good nap, though...

  16. 16

    And a nice cuddle...

  17. 17

    And a good sunny spot from which to gaze out the window...

  18. 18

    And here's a side-by-side comparison, so you can REALLY see the difference:

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