Vogue Brazil Digitally Altered Models To Look Disabled Instead Of Using Actual Disabled Athletes In A Feature On The Paralympics?

No disabled athletes were actually used

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    The Olympics may be over, but the Paralympics is soon to come! The Games that open on September 7th will take place in Rio, and Vogue Brazil decided to do a piece celebrating disabled athletes. Except they didn't actually use any disabled athletes.

    Neither of these models is actually disabled

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    Vogue Brazil invited Paralympic athletes Renato Leite and Bruninha Alexandre to be a part of the shoot, and then augmented models to replicate the pairs disabilities. No one seems to know exactly why.

    The actual athletes!

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    The caption reads "We are all Paralympians"...which is a nice sentiment, but not exactly true? What's especially strange is that there are ACTUAL models with those very disabilities who weren't used...Vogue Brazil has yet to comment. What do YOU think about this? Should Vogue Brazil apologize for not featuring actual disabled athletes? Have your say in the comments below, and don't forget to share with your friends!

    Seriously Vogue Brazil? Seriously?

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