Virtual Reality Is Here And It's Only $599

The extremely popular Oculus Rift isn't just for developers anymore

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    Oculus is a virtual reality company owned by Facebook that is changing the way we interact with technology.

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    Their widely popular "Oculus Rift" has been the subject of countless YouTube videos and online buzz, fueling society's obsession with the eventual arrival of true 'Virtual Reality'. Oculus promises to fully immerse gamers and media enthusiasts into whatever they choose: Adventure games, film, cyber-travel, you name it! And just because we can, here is a video of elders using the magic machine:

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    Until now, the Rift has only been available for developers. It is now set to hit store shelves in April. APRIL of 2016!

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    It is priced at $599 and it comes with a mic, Xbox One controller, an Oculus Remote, and the Rift device. Looks like Microsoft officially has a hand in The Rift and a connection with Facebook...

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    We are excited! To pre-order check out their offical website here:

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