Vanity Fair Decided To Publish An Utterly Bizarre Article About Margot Robbie - And Her Response Is Perfect

"You don't mess with Aussies!"

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    Margot Robbie recently posed and gave an interview for Vanity Fair, which has stirred up quite a bit of ire from women, Australians, and Robbie herself.

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    The cover seems pretty standard for the magazine, but when you open it up to the inside, there are quite a few concerning statements from the first sentence...

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    Needless to say, Australia objected quite a bit to being referred to as "America 50 years ago." Robbie likewise felt a bit offended and also felt "Aussie pride" when Australians began rising to defend her and their country, saying, "You don't mess with Aussies. Look what happens when you mess with Australians."

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    Robbie has also openly stated how odd the interview seemed at the time.

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    Robbie said in an interview with The Project Monday night: "I don't really know what he was trying to get at or play at but I didn't expect there would be like an uproar about it, at all. I've read more far more sexist, derogatory things on a daily basis. Maybe I'm desensitized."

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