Twitter Is Blowing Up With Photos Of Pets Balancing Things And We Are The Furthest From Mad

#BalancePets is Twitter's newest obsession - and we are not mad about it.

By: dcottysykstra10

  1. 1

    House Of Cats

    This upcoming sequel to Netflix's "House of Cards" now has to happen. Photo Credit: @_drs18

  2. 2

    Pumpkin Dog

    This golden retriever retrieves pumpkins. Photo Cred: @itsmichellefish

  3. 3

    Bunny Balance

    I feel like I would love waffles even more if they were served by adorable little creatures. Photo Credit: @ExtraEmily

  4. 4

    Basketball Dog

    This dog is better than most people at basketball. @flightmike

  5. 5

    Pancake Pup

    If I had a dog like this breakfast would be magical. Photo Cred: @JustQuevs

  6. 6

    Ballpoint Kitty

    I need this cat for my desk. My pen-holder is lame and also inanimate. Photo Cred: ‏@oxygenthiefYEAH

  7. 7

    Monkeying Around

    This dog loves to play and his balance is incredible. Photo Cred: ‏@stuffonscouts

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