TV's Favorite Fake Holidays

Celebrate Festivus with some other unexpected occasions.

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    The celebration that inspired it all, Festivus was introduced in the ninth season of 'Seinfeld.' The holiday, celebrated by the Costanza family, falls on Dec. 23 and involves the hanging of the traditional Festivus pole, a feast of meatloaf, airing of grievances, and miracles.

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    Brought to the people by Seth Cohen, Chrismukkah was celebrated in the first season of 'The O.C.' The December holiday fuses Christmas and Hanukkah for the half-Jewish, half-Christian character, mixing up yarmulkes and Santa hats.

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    Leap Day

    Celebrated on Feb. 29 of leap years, Leap Day made its big debut during the sixth season of '30 Rock.' In the traditional colors of yellow and blue, the festivities introduced Leap Day William, who "emerges every four years to trade children's tears for candy."

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    Treat Yo Self Day

    'Parks and Recreation' characters Tom Haverford and Donna Meagle invented the annual celebration of self-indulgence, held on Oct. 13. The simple, celebratory holiday involves telling yourself that you deserve everything that you want, and following through on your wishes.

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    Anna Howard Shaw Day

    In the fourth season of '30 Rock,' Liz Lemon chooses to forgo Valentine's Day in honor of another Feb. 14 holiday: Anna Howard Shaw Day. She buys candy in honor of the birthday of the suffragette, paying tribute to the revolutionary.

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    Freedom Day

    'Futurama' celebrated Freedom Day in the show's fourth season. The holiday allows citizens the freedom to do whatever they want, and they will face no consequences for their Freedom Day actions going forward.

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    Whacking Day

    A holiday that would only take place on 'The Simpsons,' Whacking Day was celebrated in the show's fourth season. The holiday involves gathering up snakes in the center of town, and then, of course, whacking them with sticks.

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    Refrigerator Day

    The dinos celebrated Refrigerator Day in the second season of 'Dinosaurs.' The holiday celebrates the invention that is the refrigerator with gift-giving and good cheer.

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    Galentine's Day

    'Parks and Recreation' introduced viewers to the Feb. 13 holiday of Galentine's Day in the show's second season. The day devoted to a woman's female best friends is for "ladies celebrating ladies" and often involves "kicking it breakfast-style."

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    Another entry from the '30 Rock' calendar, Merlinpeen made its debut in the show's fourth season. Frank, Toofer, and Lutz wish their coworkers a "Good Merlinpeen," celebrating with pizza and a trip to the movies.

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