TV Jukebox: 6 songs we loved from recent TV episodes

EW scopes out the best musical moments from recent episodes of your favorite shows.

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    "The Muppets"

    THE SONG: “Roots,” Imagine DragonsTHE SCENE: Muppet mayhem gets a prog twist in the show’s Sept. 22 premiere: The Las Vegas group teams up with Animal on drums for an adorable stripped-down take on their percussive new anthem.

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    THE SONG: “Distance,” Andrew Jackson JihadTHE SCENE: When FBI scientists perform tests on Brian (Jake McDorman) in the Sept. 29 episode to determine why he doesn’t suffer from the NZT drug’s side effects, the jittery punk jam from this Arizona group only adds to the anxiety.

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    THE SONG: “Worried Mind,” Eilen JewellTHE SCENE: Listen closely or you’ll miss it: This forlorn bluegrass tune plays quietly during the Sept. 30 episode when Layla (Aubrey Peeples) learns that no one from her music label is turning out for her showcase.

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    "The Goldbergs"

    THE SONG: “I Can Do That” from A Chorus LineTHE SCENE: In the family sitcom’s Sept. 30 episode, Adam (Sean Giambrone) auditions for the high school play by doing this Broadway classic — and his endearing rendition lands him leading-man status.

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    THE SONG: “After Laughter (Comes Tears),” Wendy ReneTHE SCENE: The Motown ballad sets the mood when socially awkward Alex (Tommy Dewey) finds his sister’s one-night stand grabbing a postcoital glass of water during the show’s Oct. 7 debut.

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    "You're the Worst"

    THE SONG: “New Skin,” TorresTHE SCENE: The female songwriter delivers a gut-wrenching rock ballad that plays during the shocking Sept. 30 scene when Gretchen (Aya Cash) leaves Jimmy (Chris Geere).

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