Top 19 Villains That Are The Definiton Of Evil

These villains aren't just big baddies or terrifying monsters, these iconic villains are basically evil itself, they embody and create misery all around them. There isn't real ranking between the presented villains since they are all more or less equally evil. Though villains from 1-8 are slightly "softer" version of pure evil. 9-19 are the total manifestation of it.

  1. 1

    Pinhead from Hellraiser

    Pinhead is the extra-dimensional demonic leader of the Cenobites who collect human souls. He is known as the most evil and coldest of them all and has practiced sadomasochism and other acts of cruelty and torture on humans. He is just pure evil reincarnated!

  2. 2

    Frieza and his alien family from DBZ

    Time to go anime again! Yes, probably one of the most evil anime characters ever created, Frieza and his ruthless family have destroyed planets and civilizations with zero empathy, even killed their own servants just for getting in their way. Geeze.... That's twisted!

  3. 3

    Griffith from Berzerk

    Yes, another anime villain who definitely equals with Frieza in terms of cruelty. Introducing Griffith, the charismatic mercenary and a leader of Band of Hawks. Later on in life, he became the fifth God Hand aka Femto, which basically means he became a powerful demonic entity. He is so ruthless and evil in nature, that he is willing to sacrifice anyone for his own selfish desire of building his own kingdom and world. As he became Femto, he could manipulate people instantly to his obedience, making them their servants whether they like it or not. And he also raped one of Guts ( the main character) friends in front of him, looking coldly to his eyes while performing the sadistic act.

  4. 4

    Freddy Krueger from The Nightmare On Elm Street

    Humor plus dark equals evil. That's what we can see on this another demon, that kills and tortures people on their dreams. Not only is Freddy popular and one of the most iconic horror movie characters ever, he is also one of the most evil of them all. He laughs and enjoys killing people in creative ways. If that's not evil, I don't know what is..

  5. 5

    Jason Voorhees from Friday The 13th

    Here's another iconic long-running evil horror slasher. Jason Voorhees, who after his mother's death and bullying became a soulless, emotionless killer, who absolutely annihilates anyone who comes to Crystal Lake, anyone! So yeah.... he and evil know each other well.

  6. 6

    Dormammu from Marvel Universe

    Dormammu is an ambitious and ruthless magical mystic demon from Marvel. His goals are to basically take over all reality and the universe, while destroying anything that stays in his way. He is exceptionally cruel and usually works alone (no wonder).

  7. 7

    Maleficent from Disney

    She's a powerful, evil sorcerer that has been nicknamed "The Mistress of All Evil". Even her name is meant to "do harm or evil". Her goals are to curse and murder Aurora, who is the sleeping beauty.

  8. 8

    Sauron from LOTR

    Yes, it's time for some old-fashion middle ages. Sauron is very evil, ruthless and power-hungry, which all caused him to deceive, destroy and kill people. Luckily he was partially slain due to loss of his power source, the One Ring. If he wouldn't have lost, he would've annihilated the entire army and later on wipe out the races of dwarves, elves etc.... I think we're all glad Sauron was defeated.

  9. 9

    Kil'Jaeden from WOW

    Kil'Jaeden technically reminds us the bible version of the devil who was known as the "deceiver" or "liar". That's exactly what Kil'Jaeden does, he lies and deceives the citizens of Warcraft realm. He has deceived people and orcs, so that the demonic forces could take over and rule. He has no mercy and he is the second most powerful and evil entity in the whole Warcraft universe.

  10. 10

    Lucifer Morningstar from DC

    Lucifer Morningstar was the original sinner and evil ruler of hell itself. He was the proudest of all angels, but then rebelled and went on to hell with his life.... literally. He hasn't shown much evil feats, but based on his status, definitely belongs there.

  11. 11

    Johan Liebert from Monster

    If there's anything Johan is, he is an absolute monster. That's exactly what the show is about, showing a dark side of this psychotic serial killer, but he isn't just that. Oh no, not only is he a psychopath, he is also a charismatic soulless sociopath, who makes people kill others and themselves with ease. He is so evil that in his childhood times he was able to make a whole group fight each other to the death just by telling them to do so. He is an master manipulator and his only desire in this world is to become the only living person on it. That's a pretty twisted dream to have.

  12. 12

    Aku from Samurai Jack

    Aku is an inter-dimensional gigantic demon, who has a dream of creating his own world on planet earth. But for that to happen, he must first eliminate all other life forms, especially samurai's. And that's his biggest obstacle, killing samurai Jack. But still, he remains one of the most evil characters out there. Even intro of Aku talking states: "I, Aku.. the shapeshifting master of darkness.. Unleashed an unspeakable evil!"

  13. 13

    Him from Powerpuff Girls

    IT'S HIM!!!! Yes, all your childhood terrors are brought back up from your scared, shady memories. Him, the one that even the bravest men fear, is essentially one of the most evil characters ever created. He looks terrifying, talks terrifying and does terrifying, what more do you need. As long there is evil, Him will not die, that's what's been said in some episode of Powerpuff Girls, that's just proof to His never ending evil.

  14. 14

    IT from IT

    IT! IT is an evil demon clown, who can take on various monstrous forms to kill and eat children. No wonder it's on this list. This clown is just freaky, creepy and scary! And not to forget.. heartlessly evil!

  15. 15

    Sargeras from WOW and Surtur from Marvel Universe

    These two demonic warlords are very much alike, both for their looks, powers, ambitions and even personalities. They both desire domination over their perspective worlds and are the root of all evil there is. Sargeras as the fallen titan and demon, who lusted for power and fire giant aka demon Surtur, who is one of the oldest beings in the nine worlds, same way wanted power and absolute control.

  16. 16

    Mephisto from Marvel Universe

    Mephisto is basically the Marvel version of the devil. Yes, he is that bad. In fact, he did deceive one man who later went on to become the Ghost Rider, who basically takes the souls of the evil ones or something.. But Mephisto has been an rival to many other supervillains too, to Dr. Strange, Avengers etc....

  17. 17

    Michael Myers from Halloween

    If you're surprised why someone like Jason Voorhees didn't make it in the top 10, then you have to remember that his total evilness in later life was triggered by the tragedy of his mother's death. And the total evilness of Freddy Krueger came after the tragedy of his sister's death. But as for the all evil Myers, he was already born evil. Sure, he was raised in an abusive home but his desire to harm others already started because of few bullies, it was the time when his evil nature shined and he actually killed these bullies, later on to kill his entire family! After these horrible acts, he became someone like Jason ended up, a emotionless, brainwashed looking evil, who kills anyone who stands in his way.

  18. 18

    Morgoth from Silmarillion

    If Sauron is evil, then Morgoth is terror evil. There's even badder, bigger and more evil dark lord version of Sauron. Morgoth used to be so evil, that it was stated by Tolkien that all root of evil and bad came from Morgoth. It was also said that Morgoth can't be killed and that he was ultimately thrown or trapped into a void, where his spirit remains.

  19. 19

    The Great Evil Beast from DC

    Also known as The Great Darkness or The Ultimate Darkness, The Great Evil Beast is the most evil thing ever that has happened in the DC Universe. He's been called demon or a akin to a force of nature, never the less it's the most evil thing in DC.

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