Top 10 Most Anticipated Movies Of 2017

Ranked by release date.

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    There's a lot riding on Hugh Jackman's (allegedly) last time donning Wolverine's claws. While the character has done well in many of the X-Men films, his many forays into a standalone film have been lukewarm or downright disastrous. But I choose to be optimistic about this last one; maybe it's the tortured, grizzled appearance of Jackman and the desolate apocalyptic wasteland of the future, but I think the darker, grittier tone it seems to be taking will prove successful. Release Date: 3/3/17

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    Beauty and the Beast

    Continuing their foray into live-action remakes after successes like Cinderella and Maleficent, Disney has another gem lined up for both new and old fans alike. With the always lovely Emma Watson as Belle and a cast chock full of talent (Ewan McGregor as Lumiere? Yes, please!), I figure it's a safe bet plenty of people will be lining up to "be their guests." Release Date: 3/17/17

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    Power Rangers

    Alright, there were a few I left off this list in order to put this one on mainly because I believe Power Rangers is either going to surprise us all and be an insanely fun popcorn flick, or it's going to be a complete and total trainwreck, and an embarrassing one at that. This is one of those franchises I'm not sure ever needed to be touched again, but then again I thought the same thing about Transformers. Multiple sequels and millions of dollars later definitely proved me wrong about that one. I was a fan as a kid so maybe there's enough nostalgia left in me to enjoy it. Maybe not. But at least Bryan Cranston is in it, which alone makes it worth a watch. Release Date: 3/24/17

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    Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

    Not much to say about this one apart from if the sequel is even half as fun as the original, this will be a guaranteed hit. Also, Baby Groot! Squee! Release Date: 5/5/17

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    Alien: Covenant

    The December 25th release of the first trailer for this was quite possibly the best Christmas present I could have gotten. This sequel and latest entry into the Alien universe, directed once again by Ridley Scott, certainly didn't give too much away (apart from steering people clear of shower sex in the future). But Scott has promised more answers in regards to the questions Prometheus raised, as well as some truly terrifying scares. Also, apparently back-bursters will now be a thing? Sold. Release Date: 5/19/17

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    Wonder Woman

    A female superhero carrying her own movie, not just as a sidekick? It's about damn time. Also, a woman director making a superhero film? Also way past overdue. There will be a lot riding on how well this film does, as I wouldn't be surprised if it flails the studios will reconsider any plans to continue the trend. But just based off the trailer, I'd say any lingering doubts that the world is ready for this should be squashed. Release Date: 6/2/17

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    The Dark Tower

    Based upon how many times this Stephen King adaptation has been through development hell, I think most fans considered it impossible that they'd ever see it on screen. From J.J. Abrams to Ron Howard, it seems most of Hollywood's great auteurs wanted their hands on this series but just couldn't find a way to make it work. This year however, we'll finally get to see a finished product after years of near misses. Idris Elba stars as gunslinger Roland Deschain and Matthew McConaughey is The Man in Black, a.k.a. Randall Flagg, his formidable opponent. This is one match-up I'm absolutely dying to see (even if I haven't read the books...yet). Release Date: 7/28/17

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    Blade Runner 2049

    There was a time when there was a better chance of seeing flying cars than there was of ever getting a Blade Runner sequel. But alas, the draw of revisiting the dark, noir-ish seemed too good to pass up. Ridley Scott is back as producer, Denis Villeneuve (director of my favorite movie this year, Arrival) is in the director's chair, Harrison Ford is returning as Rick Deckard and Ryan Gosling is experimenting with sci-fi as newbie Officer K. The big question is whether audiences will turn out for the long-delayed sequel or will be too distracted/fatigued by other major releases to tune in. Either way, I can't wait. Release Date: 10/6/17

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    Justice League

    Can DC still somehow pull of the magic that the Marvel universe has been able to create? Many of DC's extended universe ventures have been plagued by disappointing reviews and an underperforming box office. Perhaps it's because it all feels a little rushed, a little too eager to compete with Marvel's often acclaimed entries. Part of the problem lies in that while Marvel successfully launched most of their characters separately prior to The Avengers, DC has just Man of Steel, Batman v. Superman, and the upcoming Wonder Woman before launching headfirst into Justice League this year. Should more time have been devoted to fleshing out these characters before pulling them together for a mission? We'll see. Release Date: 11/17/17

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    Star Wars: Episode VIII

    I'm going to have to use the power of the force to contain my excitement for this one. The next entry in the Star Wars saga will see much of the cast returning for director Rian Johnson's (Looper) debut in the franchise. Judging from his previous work, I'm sure this will be one of the weirdest Star Wars films we'll see and I'm perfectly fine with that. It was also mark Carrie Fisher's last feature film role, as the actress sadly passed away Dec. 27th. R.I.P. Carrie. You're forever our Princess and General in our hearts. Release Date: 12/15/16

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