Today was the Mysthbusters Last Day On Set And Here's Why We're Devastated.

Seriously how the heck am I going to know how to escape quicksand now?

  1. 1

    How will I know if dropping a penny off the side of the Empire State Building could kill someone?

    Seriously! Everyone is talking about change and they have no idea how dangerous it could be. Luckily, the boys disproved this one.

  2. 2

    Or if a playing card could slice through human skin if thrown fast enough?

    Is my irrational fear of playing cards appropriate? Nope! Cards can't hurt you physically, but they can cripple you financially in a casino.

  3. 3

    Or if opening an umbrella while falling from a skyscraper will slow down your fall?

    I've been carrying around a large umbrella just in case I need to jump off the roof of a building in order to escape international espionage efforts for years. Unfortunately, it will not do anything according to Mythbusters.

  4. 4

    Or if a goldfish has a three second memory?

    I've been teaching my goldfish spanish for weeks now and luckily my efforts will not be in vain. His memory is a a lot longer than three seconds. Thanks guys!

  5. 5

    Or if you can breath air from your tires if your car is underwater?

    My friends suck at driving and I hate driving. I may be scared for my life, but I get to use the aux cable! Unfortunately, if we land in water my tires can't save us.

  6. 6

    Or if cheese can put holes in a ships sail when shot out of a cannon?

    I love cheese, but a lot of things I love tend to hurt me. I learned this when I discovered I was allergic to puppies. Anywho! Cheese can in fact sink a ship. You don't learn stuff like that watching the history channel.

  7. 7

    Or if I can use toilet paper to climb down the side of a building in order to escape.

    This is why I always buy nice toilet paper. It's not just softer, its got better climbing prowess.

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