Timeless: What Makes The Time Team Special

From the cast to each personalty that the characters have, here is why the Time Team is so special!

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    They Are Each Important

    All three offer something unique to the team. Lucy is a historian, who gives the team the knowledge that they need to take on the era that they are going back to. Wyatt, who is a soldier, gives the team a better chance to successfully complete their mission to stop Flynn from damaging America's timeline. Rufus on the other hand, is the pilot for the time machine and a technician. Without him, the team would not be able to go back in time.

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    Different Personalities

    Lucy is courageous and fighting to bring back her sister, and to discover more of the truth. I love the actress, Abigail Spencer, who already won me over in Rectify. Wyatt has a tough exterior, but it's so obvious how he's hurting on the inside over what happened to his wife. He's so riddled with guilt. Rufus, who was involved with Rittenhouse from the beginning, is torn between loyalty to his new friends and having to spy on them because they are threatening his family if he doesn't.

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    The Cast

    Without having such an awesome cast, they would not be a very special time team. Not only are they talented, but what's so awesome about them is how they hang out and take pictures with each other. You can tell Abigail Spencer, Matt Lanter, and Malcolm Barrett share a special friendship, which gives them the performance that they need to deliver a great story.

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