This Woman Knitedt Sweaters For Rescued Chickens And Has Already Won Christmas

These chicks look clucking fantastic

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    Nicola and Ann Congdon are rescuing battery-farm chickens and giving them a new home. Battery farms are notorious for their terrible conditions, and these rescued birds are in need of some tender love & care. The mother and daughter team from Cornwall now have over sixty hens, half off which have spent most of their lives in cages.

    The colors here really bring the whole ensemble together

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    Nicola and Ann are trying to raise awareness for the poor conditions the hens live in on the battery farms, and the fact that they often have very few feathers when they retire so they don't deal well with the cold.

    But now they have fashionable sweaters!

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    Thanks Nicola and Ann! Watch the video below for the whole story.

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