This Summer Has Been One Of The Worst On Record For Dumping Dogs, But This Lucky Pup Has Found A Happy Home!

Bruno is one lucky dog!

  1. 1

    Imgur user queuepee found this adorable buddy stranded on the street

    Who couldn't love this cutie?!

  2. 2

    He couldn't really move, needing to lay down every few steps he took, and often groaning in pain. queuepee took him home, worried that he was seriously injured

    He felt safest sitting under cars

  3. 3

    Bruno (his new name!) seemed to perk up a lot at home, and even managed to eat and drink! He then did his business all over the floor...but that didn't deter his new family from taking him to the Vet the very next morning!

    Cuddles on the way to the Vet!

  4. 4

    Bruno had no chip, but also wasn't seriously injured at all. He's undernourished and was probably very dehydrated, but otherwise a pretty healthy ten month old mutt!

    Time for a quick Vet Selfie!

  5. 5

    His rescuers have signs all over town about him in case anyone is missing him, but until someone else comes along, Bruno has a happy new home! Well done everyone!

    Happy puppies are the best puppies!

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