This Seal Pup Had To Be Euthanized After A Woman Took Him Home From The Beach

She thought he had been abandoned. Content Warning; this is pretty sad.

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    Seals are adorable; Seal pups are extra adorable. But you shouldn't take one home.

    Don't do it. It's not a good idea. It won't end well.

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    A woman on a Washington beach decided to take a Harbor Seal Pup home, because she thought it had been abandoned. Although her intentions were good, once home she realized she had no idea how to care for the Pup. She called Animal Control, who had to make a hard call.

    Harbor Seals should be left alone.

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    When Animal Control arrived, the Pup was incredibly lethargic. It had been out of the water for too long. They decided that the best thing to do for the Pup was to euthanize it. This is upsetting, but the message is an important one; do not take Wildlife home. Even if Wild Animals look like they are in peril, you do not know how to properly care for them. When in doubt, call Animal Control.

    Good intentions are good and all, but remember that wild animals have a very different set of needs.

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