This Photographer Climbed Trees In Order To Capture Berlin’s Minimalist Architecture.

It was well worth it. These buildings are straight out of Instagram.

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    Malte Brandenburg is a photographer that grew up in the midst of Berlin's post-war architectural boom. Fortunately, all this experience is coming in handy with his recent project aptly named “Stacked”.

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    "Stacked" is a series of photos that are all shot in a certain fashion with a specific tele-lense to get this flat angle to the buildings. Framing, however, was not as easy as just attaching a lense.

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    Malte had to climb trees, rooftops, alleyways, and more to get the perfect shot for each building.

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    He writes, For me they, therefore, have a lot of history, they are part of my childhood, but they are also part of Berlin’s history which makes Berlin such a special place".

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    We thought it was awesome and wanted to share it with you!

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    You can check out his official website here:

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    You can check out more awesomeness here:

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