This One Hundred And Five Year Old Lobster Was Almost Dinner, But Thanks To Some Awesome People He Gets To Retire In Maine!

The oldest lobster in the world almost became a roll but was saved!

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    Joe Melluso bought a fifteen pound Lobster, figuring it would feed several people at his restaurant. He had no idea that what he was actually purchasing was one of the oldest Lobsters in the world...

    Here he is!

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    Scientists estimate that the Lobster, now named Larry, is at least a hundred years old, but is probably around 150! After information about Larry went up online, a couple of friends got together and decided to raise money to ask for Larry's release. They figured that if you've been around for 150 years, you shouldn't end up as someone's dinner...

    Larry is a pretty big lad!

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    The team worked together to make sure that Larry didn't get eaten, they paid for him, and arranged for him to be sent to Maine where he can retire in style and safety. Joe Melluso was moved by all the effort surrounding Larry; ' “At first, when I heard there were organizations involved, I was like, ‘Ah, that’s so silly,’” he said. “Then, I was like, ‘They’re looking to protect and serve the species in a responsible way. I should be thinking like that.’ Good job, everyone involved! We're sure Larry is very grateful!

    Larry, all packed up and ready for his journey back to Maine!

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