This Momma Dog Was Abandoned At A Brooklyn Subway Stop, But Luckily A Friend Stepped In And Saved Her!

Miss Betsy had been used for breeding and then abandoned, but she got a happy ending!

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    This is Betsy. She was named Betsy by Brooklyn animal control, because the people that abandoned her didn't give her a name. They just left her leashed up at a Subway station with a trash bag.

    How Betsy was found

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    Hundreds of people hurried past Betsy on their way to other things, but not Sarah Borok. Borok volunteers at a dog rescue, and the moment she saw Betsy she knew something was wrong. She called the police who called Animal Control, and Betsy was soon being given some serious cuddles at an animal shelter!

    Look at that adorable face!

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    Betsy was shy, and had obviously been confined to a small space for most of her life. She was only two, but a Vet estimated she had had at least three litters of puppies before being abandoned. Her nails were overgrown and all of her joints were swollen which limited her movement. But she was spirited and happy, and didn't forget her first friend, Sarah!

    Sarah and Betsy having a cuddle!

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    Betsy is very friendly! She wags her tail when she meets new dogs and new people, but she's still figuring things how to be a dog! How to have many friends! How to eat all the food! How to ride in cars!

    She's got the whole being adorable thing on lock already

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    Betsy is still looking for a forever home, even though she loves hanging out with her first friend Sarah! You can donate here to help with her medical care And if you're in the North East and think you could give Betsy the forever home of her dreams, you can fill in an adoption application here! love you, Betsy!

    She's also obviously excellent at snuggles!

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