This Momma Dog Adopted Four Babies - And They Are NOT Puppies!

And they're not human babies, either, FYI. What are they!?

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    Pretinha the dog is a surrogate mother for four abandoned little fellas, each more adorable than the last. But they're not at all what you'd expect:

    Their mother was killed by a dog. But #notalldogs kill stray babies - Some nurse them back to health.

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    These are orphaned joeys - Opossum babies! They were found by a dog trainer, Stephanie Maldonado, who tried to nurse them back to health. It didn't look good, they were so undernourished and incredibly young. But then her faithful dog stepped in and the four are recovering well.

  3. 3

    They cuddle.

  4. 4

    This is what the joeys looked like when Maldonado found them-their eyes hadn't even opened yet. But never fear! Pretinha to the rescue!

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    The five now make a happy (if a little odd looking) family) Good luck explaining to those Opossums that they aren't actually dogs when the time comes!

    "No Frankie, you're a possum, not a puppy. You don't woof, you hang from a tree. We can't keep on having this conversation."

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