This Mom Lost 70lbs Doing One Simple Thing; Now She's Completely Changed Her Whole Life!

Kristy Sadler was depressed and agoraphobic then she cut out sugar and lost 70lbs!

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    This is what Kristy Sadler looked like before she decided to change her life. She was only twenty pounds over weight, but was also incredibly depressed and had developed symptoms of agoraphobia. Kristy knew it was time to take action.

    Kristy took some brave before pictures and shared them with the world

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    Kristy used to consume a lot of caffeine and sugar, staying up late at night to eat chocolate bars dipped in peanut butter, her all time favorite snack. She didn't sleep well, and couldn't function in the morning without a coffee crammed with sugar and milk

    Kristy, before her transformation

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    Kristy decided to make a change after she gave birth to her son. She gave up sugar AND caffeine, and swapped junk food for high protein, healthy carb meals. The pounds soon started to fall off!

    Kristy now!

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    Kristy didn't think of what she was doing as a 'diet', she treated it as a long term life change-and her whole life has indeed changed! Kristy is now a full time nutritionist and dieting consultant!

    Kristy and her lovely son!

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    Kristy feels far more in control of her life now! She works out regularly and always brings her son along! Nice job, Kristy! What do YOU think about this? Have you made any incredible life changes recently? We'd LOVE to hear about them in the comments below! And don't forget to share this with your friends and hear their stories too!

    Kristy and her Son hanging out!

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