This Mighty Cat Rescued A Hiker When He Got Lost On A Mountain!

Forget rescue dogs, this feline superhero has got it on lock!

  1. 1

    Redditor sc4s2cg was hiking in the Swiss Mountains when he got lost. He found himself in a Swiss holiday town, abandoned because the season was over. He panicked, unsure how to return to the valley he was hiking. And then, this glorious creature stepped into the frame...

    I'm calling him Aslan, because reasons

  2. 2

    The only trail back to his hostel had closed, but Aslan knew exactly what to do. He got right to work, helping the redditor find his way home

    He also liked snuggles

  3. 3

    Aslan found sc4s2cg a new trail, all the while making sure that he was following along so he didn't get lost again!

    Seriously epic work Aslan

  4. 4

    Aslan took him all the way home! But the pair parted ways at the bottom of the Mountain and sc4s2cg was alone again.

    The most helpful kitty there ever was!

  5. 5

    sc4s2cg posted this up on reddit, and since he has several people who have hiked the area have reported seeing the very same cat doing the very same thing! Thank you, Mountain Cat!

    You kick some ass, Aslan!

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