This Man Makes Giant Art Armed With Only With A GPS And A Bike

It's a completely unique - and time consuming- form of art he's created!

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    Stephen Lund isn't your average cyclist. He is behind the popular website and is changing the way that we view maps.

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    Stephen bikes over 70km every day and puts each kilometre to work. He creates giant doodles by mapping out his bike path every day and using a GPS app to track his progress.

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    He has uploaded hundreds of drawings and is getting a lot of attention. He recently spoke at TEDxVictoria 5: IMPACT.

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    During his TED talk he discussed how he has dedicated his life to cycling and helping others find their inner creativity.

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    His TED talk is inspiring and you can check it out here:

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    We discovered the story on Bored Panda here:

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    You can check out the original doodle website here:

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