This Lynx Is On The Lam! This Big Cat Tunneled Its Way To Freedom And Has Yet To Be Caught!

If you're in Dartmoor and you see a big cat, call it in!

  1. 1

    This is Flaviu, he's a Carpathian Lynx and he is AT LARGE!

    Flaviu, chilling in his enclosure

  2. 2

    Falviu had just arrived at a new exhibit in Dartmoor, UK, when he promptly dug himself out. A lynx has gotta do what a Lynx has gotta do. Since then, officers across Dartmoor have been on the look out, but no such luck!

    Zoo workers have been using a mix of bait and humane traps, to no avail!

  3. 3

    Part of the problem is that Flaviu broke out near Dartmoor-a place famous for wide open spaces. Flaviu has a lot of space to roam...

    The Zoological Park where Flaviu staged his epic escape!

  4. 4

    This might not look delicious to you, but it's meant to look amazing to Flaviu! Except that it has yet to work...

    Go Flaviu! Go!

  5. 5

    Good luck Flaviu! We hope you find happiness in the English Countryside!

    Seriously though, we hope you come home Flaviu!

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