This Is What Your Dog Is ACTUALLY Trying To Tell You

"Kevin, I need more chicken in my life. Also, I want to pee inside again. It's cold out there."

  1. 1

    If your buddy brings you a ball, he might not always want you to throw it. Sometimes he's just bringing it to you for you to enjoy!

    "Here you go here is ball just to keep don't worry"

  2. 2

    Eye contact is like a big smooch from your pup. It is their truest sign of affection.

    "Love you-would love you more if you gave me Chipolte"

  3. 3

    If your dog sleeps in your bed instead of his own, it means you're part of his pack, and he loves you.

    "Thnx Mom and Dad we'll be having all of the sleeps now"

  4. 4

    You might not enjoy being jumped on when you get home, but that's just your pup expressing how much he missed you.

    "hai, plz never leave again okay? Okay."

  5. 5

    Those guilty eyes he gives you when you leave? That's not guilt. If your dog is calm when you leave him, it means he trusts you're going to come back.

    "Okay bai but I will see you soon Okay? Okay."

  6. 6

    Research shows that if your dog wants to cuddle right after he's eaten then you are the person he trusts the most.

    "Iz time for post-lunch nap"

  7. 7

    If your dog leans on you it's a sign of affection. It's a another dog version of a hug.

    "hai best frend just gonna sit here"

  8. 8

    If your dog yawns in front of you that means he feels safe around you. Yawning is a sign of submission in nature.

    "such tired! much yawn! very sleep!"

  9. 9

    A puppy apology? When your dog flicks his tongue at you it's probably because he feels bad about being naughty.

    "I just rly like the taste of garbage"

  10. 10

    Most of the time, your pup is just trying to communicate that he loves you the most.

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