This Husband Sketched Daily Life With His Wife And It's Incredible

He did one every single day.

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    Curtis Wiklund is a Michigan based illustrator and wedding photographer. He recently stumbled upon something when sharing a few sketches with clients.

    You’re Still My Valentine

  2. 2

    He learned that people loved getting a chance to see a glimpse of daily life with his wife.

    I Love Her So Much

  3. 3

    "During that year, many people told us they felt like they got to know us better through the drawings, like they were a peek into our personal life." -Wiklund on his website

    My Sleepy Girl

  4. 4

    He decided to post one every single day. The 365 project was born.

    Snowboard Goggles And Onions

  5. 5

    The drawings feature intimate scenes ranging from hilarious predicaments, to life altering events. We were hooked the second we started scrolling.

    When My Wife Is Out Of Town, I Forget To Eat Or Sleep

  6. 6

    Back-Scratching As A Sedative

  7. 7

    We discovered the story on Bored Panda here:

    She Read To Me, I Played Guitar For A While, And Then I Drew A Picture

  8. 8

    You can check out the official site here:

    Cold Season

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