This Guy Rode A Unicycle Around An 840-Foot-Tall Chimney And The Video Is Terrifying

Flaviu Cernescu is a professional unicyclists, and he recently took on his biggest stunt yet- an 840-foot-tall chimney in Romania.

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    Flaviu Cernescu has been mastering the art of being a badass on a unicycle for the last twelve years, and it's all culminating in this death-defying ride around the top of an 840-foot-tall Romanian chimney. You can watch the video here, but be warned. If you have acrophobia or vertigo, you should probably avert your eyes.

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    When asked about it, Cernescu said:

    Huffington Post, August 26, 2016

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    This isn't his first big stunt, though. He has his own YouTube channel where you can watch all of his work, but his most recent challenge before this was slacklining across another large chimney, and if you didn't get your fill of thrill seeking from his latest video, you can watch another here:

    Would you ever try an extreme stunt like this? Are you dizzy just from watching the video? Talk to us about it in the comments below, and share with your friends to see what they think!

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