This Fox Is Too Friendly To Be Released Back Into The Wild So She's Getting A New Home

Can we have one too, please?

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    Meet Pudding. Yes, this is a fox named Pudding.

    She's just takin a quick nibble of this hand here, just making sure it's all good.

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    Pudding was rescued by the National Fox Welfare Society, and her handler Mark Hemmington planned to introduce her to a pen of other wild fox cubs.

  3. 3

    But destiny intervened. The day before Hemmington was going to put Pudding into the new pen with the other cubs, a tree fell, blocking access to the wild fox cubs. Even though Hemmington was able to keep feeding the cubs, he couldn't put Pudding in the new pen. In the months that followed, Pudding bonding with Hemmington.

    That's a pretty cute best friend to have.

  4. 4

    Hemmington loves his best buddy pudding, but doesn't support keeping foxes as pets in general. They are, after all, wild animals.

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    So even though Pudding couldn't return back to her Fox family in the Yorkshire forests, she has a loving home and fantastic companion.

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    Check out more about Pudding here:

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