This Family Revived A Kitten On The Brink Of Death

They've named him Lazarus and they're keeping him!

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    Do you have some tissues handy?

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    Branden Bingham found the Kitten-sicle on thanksgiving morning, outside the famalies Bear Lake UT cabin.

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    The kitten had probably been caught in the snowfall and had nowhere to go. The kitten wasn't moving, but wasn't completely stiff. Branden brought the kitten to his brother Justin, who had taken some veterinary classes at BYU. Justin began performing CPR on the little guy.

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    It didn't look good for a while, Justin worked on the kitten for over an hour by the fire. The kitten eventually responded, opening its' mouth very slightly.

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    The Bingham's took the kitten to the vet the very next day after spending thanksgiving regaining energy and eating a whole plate of salmon. Justin said "I think the thing that was most shocking for me was the eyes, he had the most beautiful blue eyes."

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    His name is Lazarus, and he's now safe at home in Utah.Good job Binghams!

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