This Cup Will Flavor Your Water By Tricking Your Brain

Six years of research = learning how to trick your brain into loving plain water.

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    "The Right Cup" isn't wizardry - but it's close. This cup has been scientifically engineered to turn plain water into something extraordinary- according to your brain, that is. Here's how the tech behind this revolutionary cup works:

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    The cup tricks your brain into thinking that you are drinking a flavored water by using your sense of smell. The cup is infused with an FDA approved fruity scent that transforms the water into something extra special.

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    One of the main selling points of the product is that it is an innovative way to get kids to drink more water instead of soda.

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    They have a variety of flavors available and more are on the way.

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    We can't get enough of The Right Cup. Luckily the Indiegogo campaign is still active and you can get in on the action. Check it out here:

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