This Construction Worker Spends Time Every Day Bringing Joy To The Kids In The Children's Hospital Next Door!

Jason Haney did it all for the smiles!

  1. 1

    Jason Haney has been in construction for a while, when one day he found himself working on a project next to a children's hospital. He decided he wanted to do something to cheer the kids up whilst he was working there, so he made a giant "Where's Waldo?"

    That's some pretty excellent work there Jason

  2. 2

    The Waldo is eight foot tall! Haney made it with the help of his daughter, who is a "Where's Waldo?" expert

    She takes finding Waldo incredibly seriously

  3. 3

    Jason hides the cutout every day somewhere in the construction site for the kids to find!

    Some of the kids, enjoying their own private game of "Where's Waldo?"

  4. 4

    Jason moves the Waldo every single day, so the kids always have a new game to play, and the kids go crazy trying to spot him

    There he is!

  5. 5

    How about you? Can you spot Waldo in this picture? Nice work Jason, we know that the kids really appreciate your effort!

    To read more about this awesome story, click here!

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