This Cat Valiantly Interrupted A Rugby Game And The Internet Responded In The Best Way Possible!

With a photoshop battle, duh!

  1. 1

    This Cat, this beautiful, silky, miniature Panther interrupted an Australian Rugby League game. And it did so magnificently we might add!

    Such a noble beast!

  2. 2

    The picture was posted, and the internet did what the internet does best - make the picture even more super awesome!

    Putin on a cat!

  3. 3

    PokeCat Go! This is one kitty that won't be caught!

    Don't waste your Pokeballs on this one guys

  4. 4

    This Cat DOES bare a striking resemblence to Toothless!

    "How to Train Your Kitty" would be a way shorter film

  5. 5

    The Adventures of SuperCat! The Mystery of the Missing Cat Nip!

    You know SuperCat would scratch the crap out of the joker

  6. 6

    Learn you will, from the Master of internet cats!

    Rugby Cat and Hover Cat; the perfect team

  7. 7

    Galaxy Cat sees you, know's your troubles, and is going to give you a cuddle! Thank you Internet. Thank you for this.

    100% would like.

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