This Cat Make Look Grumpy, But He's Really Incredibly Happy To Have Been Rescued!

Benson used to live with negligent owners, but now he's found a happy home! He's smiling on the inside!

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    This is Benson. His name used to be Killah, but he prefers Benson. It's more dignified. Benson might look like a sour puss, but really he's the happiest cat in the world!


  2. 2

    When Benson's owner died suddenly, he was taken in by a neighbor who neglected and abused him. Things didn't look so good for Benson for a long time.

    Poor Benson isn't so good at conveying complex emotions. This is his 'thoughtful' face

  3. 3

    Benson was eventually rescued, but he was in pretty bad shape. He was underfed, and had many ailments and parasites. Still, his new foster home didn't give up easily

    Poor Benson having not a very fun time

  4. 4

    Luckily though, Benson has made an epic recovery! All he needed was some tender loving care! He's even made a friend!

    Best buds for lyfe!

  5. 5

    Benson is truly a happy, loving Cat who loves to snuggle. And, if you look closely enough, you can just about see his smile shining through!

    He's pretty cute for a Grumpy Cat!

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