This Bridal Party Didn't Have Flowers...They Had PUPPIES!

Just when you thought weddings couldn't get more adorable!

  1. 1

    Sarah Mallouk Crain and her husband both love dogs. They love dogs so much that they both work for a dog rescue called "Pitties Love Peace", so when they got married they decided to involve dogs in their wedding in an incredibly unique way...

    Literally this is the cutest

  2. 2

    Instead of posing with flowers, Sarah and her maids of honor held rescue puppies!

    Dresses be damned!

  3. 3

    The puppies Martha, Abigail, Dolley, Elizabeth and Louisa (all named after First Ladies of the USA) are a litter of Coonhound-Boxer puppies who were abandoned at only a week old! They loved posing for pics!

    And there were no accidents at all!

  4. 4

    And the bride held 9 week old Biggie Smalls, a pit rescue from Brooklyn, NY who was overjoyed to be the pup of honor!

    All of these lucky pups now have happy homes!

  5. 5

    And don't worry, the guys got in on the fun too! Would it be weird to have another wedding just to pose with puppies? Well done everyone involved-this looks so cute!

    Vow renewal with puppies?

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