This Autistic Child Failed His Exams, But What His School Did To Help Him Will Bring You To Tears!

Exams are not the measure of a child's heart, or all of his mind

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    This is Ben Twist. He's 11 years old, and is autistic. He's also handsome, helpful, and full of love!

    His Mom Gail couldn't love him more!

  2. 2

    Ben recently took some end of year exams at his high school. Unfortunately, he didn't do so well on them. Ben wasn't feeling so great about himself, until he got a lovely letter from his school listing all the things that are great about Ben that the Exams couldn't measure!

    These teachers truly went above and beyond

  3. 3

    Ben was so moved when he got the letter he said he couldn't believe that they said all those nice things about him. According to Ben, it was "awesome". We think you're awesome Ben! And all your teachers too!

    Ben and Mom Gail have a cuddle!

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