This Artist Turns Pop Culture Icons Into Children's Book Covers!

Although I'm not sure if I want an "Orange is The New Black" for toddlers...

  1. 1

    Learn to cook with the Whites!

    What could go wrong?

  2. 2

    Finally! Harry Potter for young children!

    Here's hoping a "little Snape" and a "little Voldemort" also appear

  3. 3

    Princess Leia in a little gold bikini

    She goes on to save the little galaxy

  4. 4

    A little Hunger Games! How quaint!

    No word when the second installment will be released

  5. 5

    Little Batman! Little Joker!

    "Do you want to see a magic trick?"

  6. 6

    Little Freddie Mercury is adorable

    The tiniest superstar

  7. 7

    Little Godzilla is pretty cute

    Even that nuke he's riding looks pretty cute

  8. 8

    Even littler Hobbits fighting an adorable Golum

    Many many books in the little Mordor series

  9. 9

    Thanks to artist Joey Spiotto for these images- you can check out more of his work on Etsy:

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