These Zootopia Deleted Scenes Reveal That The Film Was Originally Heading In A Much Darker Direction...

It's still a family friendly scene, but some of you may find this a little upsetting...

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    You've probably seen "Zootopia" by now, being that it's easily one the greatest animated movies of the last twenty years..

    If you haven't then you should seriously go and see it. Now. Close your computer and go now.

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    Recently some deleted scenes have been released, revealing that the film was originally going in a much darker direction. Have a looksie;


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    The original film centered on Nick, and featured predators having to wear collars to keep them in check.

    That scene between Koslov and Morris was HEARTBREAKING

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    Another scene shows Nick having his collar removed briefly, and the pure joy it brings him...

    Another one that's hard to watch..

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    It's clear that this story line would have made the movie much more depressing-so we're pleased that they moved away from it, and to the "Zootopia" we all know and love!

    This face is everything.

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